Prague’s Weird Museums, Ideal For Off-Beat Date Ideas

Prague is a fascinating city, with lots of history and interesting myths and legends. You may have heard about the mysterious golem and magicians and ghost stories which draw visitors to the city every year. Prague is also becoming well-known for some of the most off-museums in the world. Here you can see some of the weirdest things and learn about the strangest subjects, some of which you may have not even known were subjects before. If you want to find out more, then I would gladly be your guide. Here are some of my top picks.

Prague’s Sex Machines Museum (or SMM) has been opening eyes since 2002 and is a rather interesting place to visit, as it showcases over 200 mechanical devices devoted to sexual pleasure for men and women. The earliest items date from the 16th Century, which always surprises me, to consider that people were inventing things to get an orgasm for so long! Some of the items are downright scary, such as chastity belts with clawed teeth, but others are pretty interesting, for example the body harnesses which allow for all kinds of positions. In the movie theatre we can see the earliest examples of filmed pornography, made in 1920’s Spain. Apparently the king at the time had them made to help him enjoy rainy evenings.

The Apple Museum is one of Prague’s newest, and offers an incredibly comprehensive collection of Apple products from 1976 to 2012, and helps present the personal history of Apple founder Steve Jobs. Located between Charles Bridge and the Old Town Square, this hi-tech collection of items is rather fun when you see the old buildings which surround it. From iPods to iMacs to iPhones and iPads, it is incredible to see everything that this great man invented and the place is really quite inspiring. The museum also acknowledges that Steve Jobs was a strict vegan, with one of Prague’s finest vegetarian eateries housed in the building. We can enjoy fresh fruit smoothies, the finest coffee and invigorating herbal teas, so we feel healthy and virtuous before an evening of sensual pleasure together.

Lovers of coffee need to visit the Prague coffee museum in the Letna district. Here you will find an entire building dedicated to the history, varieties and production process of the world’s favourite hot drink. It is particularly fascinating to see how different cultures prepare the beans, and the various devices and methods used to make the best brew. Finally, we can enjoy a cup of freshly roasted coffee at the museum’s very own stylish Alchymist café. I recommend we try some of the cakes too!

If you are in Prague and have an hour or two to see something out of the ordinary, then Prague’s museums offer the weird and the wonderful. Of course, the best way to enjoy museums are to share the moment and fun with an interested and interesting companion, so if you want some company while visiting Prague’s museums, then I am always up for joining you! As an elite independent Prague escort lady, I love to be your ideal girlfriend both in and out of the boudoir, and am the perfect choice for those who want to meet someone for a real-life date.